Basement, Rim Joist & Crawl Space Insulation:

Below grade applications can be very demanding of insulation systems. Moisture is the largest concern. If not managed properly it can lead to a system that promotes mold growth. Fortunately R-Pro has several solutions available to retro-fit your home with insulation.


Recommended R-Values:

Basement Walls - R-13 Minimum

Rim Joists - R-13 Minimum

Crawl Space Walls (Conditioned): R-13 Minimum

Crawl Space Ceiling (Unconditioned): R-30 Minimum


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Basement insulation deserves special consideration due to the large potential for moisture and mold growth. Concrete walls contain a large amount of thermal mass and condensate easily against the heated basement space.


When finishing a basement, spray foam is highly recommended to prevent trapping moisture behind drywall and promoting mold growth. Closed Cell Spray Foam also provides the added insurance of a water proofing system and greater comfort.


Rim Joists should not be overlooked. Please see the Rim Joist tab for further information.


Available Products:

 - Closed Cell Spray Foam (Highly Recommended)

 - Fiberglass Batts

 - Foam Board


Retrofit Applications: Requires Open Cavity.


New Construction Applications: Requires Open Cavity.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl Spaces are typically the dampest and least conditioned area of the home. Managing air infiltration and moisture in the Crawl Space are critical to maintaining good indoor air quality in the home.


Closed cell spray foam is the insulation of choice for this application due to it's excellent air sealing, moisture proof and thermal boundary properties.


A good vapor barrier should be in place on the crawl space ground with a minimum thickness of 6 mil.


Conditioned Crawl Spaces:

 - Conditioned Crawl Spaces are typically connected with a basement with the air communicating freely with the conditioned basement space. Todays codes say that they must include a supply and return duct, however earlier homes rarely include these features. The standard practice is to insulate the walls and rim joists providing for a good air and thermal boundary.


Unconditioned Crawl Spaces:

 - Unconditioned Crawl Spaces are not freely connected with any living space. They are often under the entire home and have an exterior access. HVAC ducts and equipment are commonly located in these areas and their performance suffers as a result of operating in the adverse temperature conditions. Plumbing pipes are at great risk of freezing and breaking. Typical application would be to insulate the sub-floor to a minimum of R-30 and encapsulate pipes and HVAC ducts as much as possible. Walls are typically not insulated in the unconditioned crawl unless it is being converted to a conditioned crawl space.


Available Products:

 - Fiberglass Blanket - Vinyl Faced (Not Recommended)

 - Fiberglass Batts - (Not recommended)

 - Foam Board

 - Closed Cell Spray Foam (Highly Recommended)

 - Ground Cover Vapor Barriers - 6 mil, 12 mil, 20 mil

Rim Joists


Basement Rim Joists are a very critical area of the home's insulation system. The Rim Joists are a largely known area of air infiltration and account for approximately 36% of a homes energy waste on average. To be effective at insulating Rim Joists, it is imperative that an air barrier product be used such as Spray Foam insulation.



Products Available:


 - Fiberglass Batts (Requires Air Sealing To Be Effective)

 - Closed Cell Spray Foam (Top Choice - Highly Recommended)

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