Energy Audits:

Home Energy Audits allow for a comprehensive diagnoses of the homes energy performance. Audits go beyond the typical "free quote" by utilizing specialized equipment, testing procedures and knowledge to diagnose your home. "Free quotes" are great if the problem is visible, but it is impossible to diagnose air infiltration, moisture issues, thermal and combustion safety issues without the proper tools and training.


Columbia Gas Customers: You are eligible for a complete energy audit for only $25 with coupon. See the Panther on the Sidebar to collect your coupon.


AEP - All Electric Customers: Sorry, this program has been discontinued.


Other: Contact us to find out how R-Pro can fully diagnose your home with an energy audit.


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What Our Customers Are Saying:


"That's what insulation is supposed to look like"


"The quietest contractors we've ever had"


"I was able to turn down my thermostat 5 degrees after R-Pro insulated my house and still be more comfortable"


"My energy bills were cut in half"


"R-Pro went above and beyond all of my expectations"

  • Blower Door Testing

    Blower door testing allows the auditor to identify the amount and location of air infiltration into a building. The house is drawn into a controlled vacuum and electronically measured for pressure and flow. The blower door is vital to understanding and correcting a home's air infiltration. Adding insulation without managing structural air leakage is ineffective at best.

  • Combustion Safety Testing


    Problems with combustion appliances such as furnaces and water heaters can easily go undetected but can be deadly. Combustion testing appliances determines if they are firing correctly and exhausting waste gases properly. Insulation and air sealing work done to the home can also affect the performance of combustion appliances.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging technology allows a skilled auditor to identify areas of thermal malfunction in the building envelope. Thermal imaging can also identify areas of moisture.

    Ceiling - Thermal Failure

    Wall - Thermal Failure At Top Plate

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