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When it comes to insulation, we cover your whole house. We know our way around ceilings, walls, attics, rim joists, crawlspaces, sub-floors, metal walls and ceilings, basement walls, pole barns, roof decking, porches and just about anywhere else you may need an extra layer of protection.

Insulation used in conjunction with air sealing products is the best way to completely safeguard your home against the weather, pollutants, allergens and pests. You can also greatly reduce energy bills with an insulation upgrade. Adding insulation is an important investment in your home. Our dedication to all-around assurance means superior comfort, efficiency and energy savings for your space. Learn more about the insulation products we install here.

Save More Money with Federal Energy Tax Credits

As your energy-saving partner, we are here to help you save more on your insulation and air sealing projects. We encourage our customers to learn more about the federal energy tax credits and rebates that are now available to you. You may be able to receive a tax credit of 30% for the insulation and air sealing materials used—covering up to $1,200!

Learn more about ways to save.


Attics and ceilings are typically one of the most important areas to have adequate insulation and can account for 40% of a home’s energy loss. Fortunately, attics are usually the most cost-effective areas to treat and offer the best bang for the buck.

Recommended R-Values:
Attic: R-49 Minimum
Ceilings: R-38 Minimum

Below-grade applications can be very demanding of insulation systems. Moisture is the largest concern. If not managed properly, it can lead to a system that promotes mold growth. Fortunately, R-Pro has several solutions available to retrofit your home with insulation.

Recommended R-Values:

  • Basement Walls – R-13 Minimum
  • Rim Joists – R-13 Minimum
  • Crawl Space Walls (Conditioned): R-13 Minimum
  • Crawl Space Ceiling (Unconditioned): R-30 Minimum

Basement insulation deserves special consideration due to the large potential for moisture and mold growth. Concrete walls contain a large amount of thermal mass and condensate easily against the heated basement space.

When finishing a basement, spray foam is recommended to prevent trapping moisture behind drywall and promoting mold growth. Closed cell spray foam also provides the added insurance of a waterproofing system and greater comfort.

Available Products:

Retrofit Applications: Requires Open Cavity
New Construction Applications: Requires Open Cavity

Crawl spaces are typically the dampest and least conditioned area of the home. Managing air infiltration and moisture in the crawl space are critical to maintaining good indoor air quality in the home. See our Crawl Space Encapsulation page for more information about our services.

Basement rim joists are a very critical area of the home’s insulation system. The rim joists are a largely known area of air infiltration and account for approximately 36% of a home’s energy waste on average. To be effective at insulating rim joists, it is imperative that an air barrier product be used.

Available Products:

If your home was built prior to 1974, there is a high likelihood that it does not have any wall insulation. Fortunately, R-Pro has several solutions available to retrofit your home with wall insulation. Learn more about the insulation products we carry on our Products page.

Recommended R-Values:
Walls – R-13 Minimum
(Modern Building Codes R-20 Without Continuous Exterior Insulation)

R-Pro is a Columbus insulation contractor dedicated to your home comfort. We not only work to meet your expectations; we strive to exceed them.



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